Playing Hurt


Now, here's what's been happening. This morning, Paul Gilbert tweeted this:

... and all his followers got a little sick. Here's the context - I sustained a gnarly injury to my lower leg earlier this week. We didn't learn the extent of it until today, and praise the Lord, it wasn't nearly as bad as it originally appeared to be. Thank you to all who prayed. 

If you're interested, here's the whole story - 

About 15 years ago while playing basketball I broke my right fibula, the non-weight-bearing bone in the lower leg. Bones were grafted, plates and screws were inserted, physical therapy was completed, and I was right as rain.

Fast-forward to Monday afternoon. Again, playing basketball. I made a hard cut and my ankle turned awkwardly, spraining the tendons in my leg and sending me hard to the blacktop. Said leg was then promptly landed on by a certain lead pastor who shall not be named, and our combined inertia caused my lower leg to scrape along the blacktop, resulting in a big laceration requiring 10 stitches. 

Long story short, my ankle is severely sprained and I have a deep cut (text me if you want to see more pictures). I visited the orthopedist this morning, and they scheduled me for surgery next Friday to remove the hardware from my original surgery (apparently infection is a major concern when you have a significant laceration near the place where you have hardware inserted).


This hurts. Worse than when I broke it. I am on crutches and am now booted for the next couple of weeks. I also will need to spend two weeks in a cast after surgery next Friday. And that's no fun.


The Desire album release show scheduled for this Friday night IS STILL ON. Crutches are not very indie rock, but that's OK - it's a church event.

The pain meds they have given me might just make the stories behind the songs a little more interesting. So if you were on the fence about coming, let that push you over the edge. 

You can buy tickets here. We'd really love to have you join us. I'm hoping to write some more about the project in the next few days.